Do you think that you have what it takes to be a Covergirl model? Do you want to appear in magazines, onTV and on websites? Have you got the looks, attitude and drive to succeed? LEARN MORE



We only represent a very select group of glamour/adult models and we limit the amount that we take on to a maximum of 12 models, we prefer to work with models who show the right attitude and commitment. We have regular FREE test shoot castings available for models who would like to join Covergirl. We welcome applications from models both experienced and inexperienced. We provide a full training program for those models that require it. Our minimum requirements are for models who model up to at least arty nude or are prepared to with support and training. If you have been given a business card by Covergirl that is because we think that you have the potential to be a successful model, dont miss out on this opportunity! Fill out our online application form now and we will be in touch to organise a test shoot casting.

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    Current Covergirl Models.

    Check out the current portfolio gallery with our latest Covergirl models. We only accept models after they have attended a test shoot casting at our studio. If you would like to be one of our models then please complete the online application form. If we think that you have the potential to be one of our Covergirl Models then we will invite you along for a FREE test shoot casting.

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    Do you need a professional portfolio or a website?

    We have a full range of services for any aspiring models from professional portfolios with prices starting at only £250, websites hosted on our own server from £120, sell your own pictures on mobile or set up your own online gallery to sell your pictures direct. We can supply those services and many more, if you have any requests please contact us.

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    Apply to join Covergirl here

    If you would like the opportunity to join Covergirl then just take 10 minutes to fill out our online application form.

    Covergirl Photographer Portfolio

    Check out the online photographer portfolio to see the high quality standard of photography.

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  • Modelling tips.

    Do I want to be a model:
    Despite the glamour and hype you have seen about the modeling profession, it's hard work. It's boring (sometimes) and it can be tedious. Prepared to be constantly rejected, get ready for some major ups and downs. Modelling is a lifestyle, not an 9-5 job. Not all jobs pay well. Unless you are seriously committed about modeling, willing to work at it on your own time, live a healthy life style, etc., you will not succeed as a model. Read More

  • Glamour/Adult Modelling.

    UK adult models make a good living and can rise to the top of their industry very quickly. When they are top models, models make an excellent living and enjoy a lot of exposure. Read More

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  • Stock Library Models.

    We need some models who want to work with us on a shared revenue basis. Work to be distributed and sold worldwide via stock libraries. Contact us now

  • Adult Model.

    We are looking for one very special Adult model for a brand new project. This will involve you appearing on TV, web, mobile, DVD and extensive travel. Experience isnt essential but enthusiasm is, if you think that you are suitable then fill out our online application form. Apply